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In August of 2003, Consolidated Electronics decided to take one step higher above its competitors in the Electronics Distribution market. While attemping to gain more business through its current customer-base, CEI's CEO, Steve Coy, established what is known as the Preferred Customer Program at Consolidated Electronics.

Upon the creation of this program, Consolidated Electronics began notifying its customers one by one via telephone call to update the Customer Database program that we had instituted on Jan. 1, 2003. Little by little the database became updated with the new information that was able to be stored. One feature of new storage was the EMail address. We began sending Mass EMails to our customers.

The standing policy for this program is "ONLY customers of Consolidated Electronics may take advantage of these specials, and they can ONLY take advantage of them by EMail." Every month we will institute a new special for items that we have excessive stock in, and would like to move it. From time to time, customers will find themselves in awe at the massive savings that may partake in provided they take action to do so.
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