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Privacy Policy

This policy provides information regarding how Consolidated Electronics, Inc. processes secure information that we collect. Secure information is information that our customers provide to us that is personally identifiable; such as first and last names, addresses, EMail addresses, or phone numbers. This information is not typically publicly available.

At Consolidated Electronics, this information is strictly used to identify with our customers, to contact them from time to time, and to keep in contact with them for Specials that only our Preferred Customers may take advantage of. When customers give us information, this information is not sold to other companies or organizations. The information is stored in a secure database that is behind a firewall. Therefore, this information is not accessable by outside parties.

When becoming a Preferred Customer with Consolidated Electronics, we ask for the following:
Name, Address, City/State/ZIP, Phone Number, EMail address, and Credit Card Number
Your creditcard information is only used with your consent at the time of a purchase. If you do not wish to purchase your products using a credit card, we do offer Collect-On-Delivery services, and NET 10 Days services for Corporations.

We have been established in the electronics distribution field for over twenty-four years. Your credit card information is only used when processing your orders. We are not authorized to charge to your credit card without your consent, and will not unlawfully do so.

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