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Consolidated Electronics: Free Services

Quality Control
Consolidated Electronics establishes itself in the electronics market with outstanding quality control. Our pickers operate under a batch mode process which enables quicker picking of orders, and does not endanger the quality of the order. Still, mistakes do happen. Consolidated Electronics does their best to satisfy their customers by making up for the loss.

Price Quotes
From time to time customers will send us faxes, email us, or call us on the telephone inquiring about the prices for certain products they may be willing to buy. At Consolidated Electronics, we offer this service for free to anyone who contacts us about parts they need.

Expeditious Turnaround
Our system at Consolidated Electronics is set up to provide a very fast turnaround. As soon as your order is received, and put into the system, it is sent to the warehouse to be processed. All orders are processed within a four hour time window. From one to four pm Eastern Standard Time, the orders are processed. After this time, orders may not be able to be processed due to the shipping time restraints from UPS.

Guaranteed RFQ's
When customer's contact us for a free price quote, and we do not have the part they are asking for, the part number they are looking for is added into an Request For Quote database that we have established. Before we place an order, this RFQ datasheet is sent to our suppliers and information is returned to us. We want to satisfy our customer's needs, and by doing this, we are satisfying their curiosity on the availability of their needed products.

Special Order Items
At Consolidated Electronics, there are a lot of items that we do not stock. If a customer call's up, and needs a part that we do not have in stock, but do know about and we can get this part for them, we will put an order out to get these parts for these customers. As explained before, it is our goal to satisfy our customers needs, and by doing this, we are further achieving this goal.

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