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For our customers located in the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, we ask that you use our toll-free phone number. For all other customers, please use the other phone number. Due to the high volume of traffic, if you are willing to be on hold, we would be more than happy to take your telephone call.
Local:       1-937-252-5662
Toll Free:  1-800-543-3568

At Consolidated Electronics, we make it a point to keep our customers taken care of promptly to ensure our guaranteed turnaround. To do this, we check our EMail accounts atleast fifteen times a day. This ensures that we do get your EMail, and your order does get processed as soon as physically possible.

As soon as the FAX Machine alerts the Sales department of an incoming facsimile, it is retrieved from our machine, delivered to the Sales department, and your order is processed. Sending a Facsimile is the way to go!

Snail Mail
When all else fails, there is still one little shimmer of hope left. Every morning at 9 o'clock our Post Office Box is checked for incoming orders and other mail items. The wait is a tad bit longer, but we will get the order out to you as fast as possible to fulfill our speedy turnaround guarantee.
Consolidated Electronics
P.O. Box 20070
Dayton, Ohio 45420
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