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Website Information

The product of this website is the creativity of two individuals employed by Consolidated Electronics, Inc. at the time of its creation: Richard Rohl; the Web Site Developer/Graphic Designer, and Steve Coy; the Content and Image Producer and Editor. The developers worked together to incorporate the skills that both individuals obtained through use of each program listed. Idea's from both sides were used to create the website. While we still wanted to maintain a professional look to the website, we also wanted to keep the navigation simple.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
Macromedia Fireworks MX
Microsoft FrontPage 2000
iPhotoPlus 4
Corel Photo Paint 8

Because this company has received many compliments regarding the simplicity of the website navigation, we chose to keep the old index page as the company's OnLine Catalog. As more time and funding become available, we hope to redesign our OnLine Catalog to further display this company's professionalism on the internet while still using the design for our online catalog in its future designs.

This website and all design copyrighted © 2003 by the Consolidated Electronics Web Development Team.